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What is a Post Type in WordPress?

Post Types is a term used to refer to different types of content in a WordPress site. In 2003, WordPress was primarily launched as a blogging platform. Posts is a common blogging terminology that stuck with WordPress as it evolved into a robust content management system (CMS). When WordPress added different type of content, pages, they called it a different type of post hence post type. In the later versions, WordPress added the ability for developers to register their own custom post type. In all practical sense, post type is content type.
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6 Top Custom Post Types Plugins for WordPress

With custom post types , you can turn your standard WordPress website into a fully-fledged content management system. On top of that, custom post types will also enable you to introduce some uniqueness on your site, and help it stand out from all the others. In short, when done right, custom post types help grab your visitors’ attention, and improve their overall reading experience. But: What are custom post types?
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The Definitive Guide to WordPress Custom Post Types

Gone are the days when WordPress was referred to as just blogging software. The ability to extend its functionality via plugins and themes, group posts or structured data into various types and also the arrival of the WP Rest API into core, has seen it further evolve into a full blown content management system and development platform. Over the years, I have successfully developed a number of custom web applications built on-top WordPress that heavily utilize custom post types. An example of one of these web applications is the theme marketplace of my WordPress plugin called ProfilePress.
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