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About WPSlug.com

WPSlug.com collects information about technologies used to run and build websites. WPSlug.com primarily targets websites built on the WordPress platform but is not in any way limited to the WordPress CMS. WPSlug.com aims to make some of the technologies used by and content hosted on these websites searchable.

WPSlug.com produce top lists, statistics and other information from the websites collected and presents these collections of information in various formats.

Who's Developing WPSlug.com?

WPSlug.com is being developed by Daniel Edstrom. A full stack developer that's been developing IT systems on several different platforms for almost 20 years, in roles ranging from programmer to systems architect. If you want to read in more detail about me and my background you can find it HERE

WPSlug.com Examples

Here's a Few Examples on WPSlug.com Content.

Here's Some WordPress statistics.

  Up to Date Wordpress Statistics

Did you know that according to WPSlug.com data, the WordPress Plugin Contact Form 7 is used on 34.75% of all WordPress Blogs and this number is based on 261,815 WordPress CMS installations. The number of WordPress websites being analyzed increases all the time, making the statistics more accurate.

Provided by WPSlug.com

WPSlug.com Technical Platform Overview

WPSlug.com is built on the .NET platform and runs on a Windows Server using IIS. The architectural pattern used is Model View Controller with an additional component called ViewModel to achieve SOC and clean views. Many other libraries and tools are integrated into the solution as well.

Presentation Layer (View)

To build a responsive web interface in the cleanest and fastest way, W3.CSS is used. W3.CSS is a lightweight CSS framework that uses standard CSS only. This makes makes it small, fast and easy to use. JQuery is used to perform AJAX requests and one example of this is the autocomplete functionality in the search box located at the top of each page.

WordPress Blog Search

WPSlug.com crawls, mines and indexes WordPress installations across the web. Some of the content is being made searchable with the Lucene.NET powered WordPress Blog Search. Lucene.Net is written in C# for the .NET platform but is actually a port of the original Lucene search engine library written for the Java platform. WPSlug.com uses Lucene.Net.ObjectMapping for mapping of .NET objects to Lucene.Net Documents. At the time of performing a search, the deserialization of the Json formatted search result has been moved from the server to the client, this resource intensive operation unloads the server and makes the search experience much better. The Json data is transferred to the client as is and rendered in the browser. With some help from the logic-less web template system Mustache the solution is now clean and fast.

To be continued ...