Top WordPress Themes 2019 

About collects information about technologies used to run and build websites. primarily targets websites built on the WordPress platform but is not in any way limited to the WordPress CMS. aims to make some of the technologies used by and content hosted on these websites searchable. produce top lists, statistics and other information from the websites collected and presents these collections of information in various formats.

Who's Developing is being developed by Daniel Edstrom. A full stack developer that's been developing IT systems on several different platforms for almost 20 years, in roles ranging from programmer to systems architect. If you want to read in more detail about me and my background you can find it HERE Examples

Here's a Few Examples on Content.

Here's Some WordPress statistics.

  Up to Date Wordpress Statistics

Did you know that according to data, the WordPress Plugin Contact Form 7 is used on 36.1% of all WordPress Blogs and this number is based on 235,812 WordPress CMS installations. The number of WordPress websites being analyzed increases all the time, making the statistics more accurate.

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