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Who's The Developer?

A short introduction ...


My name is Daniel Edstrom and I'm a full stack developer. In case you're not familiar with that phrase, it means I've got a lot of hands-on experience and know my way around in most areas of constructing IT systems, ranging from configuring a server to building this responsive web interface of WPSlug.com. I've been developing IT systems on several different platforms for almost 20 years, in roles ranging from programmer to systems architect. I'm also the sole creator of WPSlug.com, that last part was probably redundant information but I like to be clear to avoid any misunderstanding and to fill out this paragraph with text so the picture of me to the left looks good on a 1600x900 resolution screen

I obviously cannot know why you're on this contact page, maybe you want to hire me and if that's the case you should probably keep on reading to see if I qualify for the job. Or if you want to talk to me right now, please use the live chat down in the right corner.

Solving Problems Using Technology

As a full stack IT systems developer, there's much more to it than just writing code. In general it's about solving problems using technology, the right way. The way that will make technology work for you and not the other way around. This takes experience, good judgment, ability to assess risk as well as technical knowledge. These are abilities that I've acquired over the years by working in many different projects, on many different platforms. Personally, I rather work with a developer that possesses the characteristics and skills aforementioned, instead of choosing someone merely because they are familiar with a specific language or platform. Technology can often be taught in a fairly short time by an experienced individual.

Some of the Technologies & Platforms I've Got Hands-On Experience With



Java Servlets













Win32 API




SQL Server



Oracle DBMS














But Anyone Can Say They Know All This Stuff, Why Should I trust You?

Well you shouldn't just take my word for it and that's why I'll tell you how I've built this system here   About WPSlug.com

My Work-life

I've been working as an IT consultant for nearly a decade and also been developing many systems from scratch as a freelancer. I started programming C and C++ in 1998 and then moved on to other languages and platforms like Java/JEE and C# on .NET. Below are some of the projects I've been involved in listed.

A Few of the Projects I've Been Involved In

  • Logistics Simulation System for SCA Transforest AB

    A Web-based logistics simulation system built using Java Servlets and JSP to implement logic and respond to HTTP requests(this was before the days of JEE). MSSQL was used as the DBMS. Data was imported from Excel documents by an application that was written using Win32 API and MFC.

  • Time Reporting System for Ernst & Young AB

    A Web-based time reporting system where the client was implemented as a Java Applet that communicated with Java Servlets via HTTP. MSSQL was used as the DBMS.

  • Time Reporting System for Modul1 AB

    A Web-based time reporting system built on the JEE platform using BEA Weblogic Application Server. Struts was used as MVC framework and Oracle as DBMS.

  • Competence Inventory Management System for Modul1 AB

    A Web-based competence inventory management system built on the JEE platform using BEA Weblogic Application Server. Struts was used as MVC framework and Oracle as DBMS.

  • The public Web for SFI

    SFI public web was built using EPI Server, this was a migration from old technology to new and my role was primarily data migration.

  • Several ASP.NET MVC Systems Including WPSlug.com

    I've been developing several web-based systems built using the ASP.NET MVC framework, including this About WPSlug.com

These as just a few projects...

Over the years I've been developing and integrating all kinds of systems and if you want to know more feel free to ask.