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WordPress Plugin Essential Widgets Description:

Essential Widgets – a free WordPress plugin for widgets allows you to create and add interesting widgets on your website to make it more attractive and welcoming. Essential Widgets stays true to the essence of its name and offers exactly what you expect from a widgets plugin—all the “essential” widgets for your website. The plugin has been crafted beautifully to draw the extra attention to the important parts of your website. Essential Widgets provides you with the ability to have more control over the widgets with the various customization options. This free WordPress plugin for widgets allows you to create 7 different interesting widgets on your website. All the 7 widgets provided to you comes with so many customization options and are very easy to use. So, with Essential Widgets plugin, customize the interesting widgets your way and display them anywhere you want on your website to make it more dynamic.

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WordPress Plugin Essential Widgets Statistics:

The WordPress Plugin Essential Widgets is used on 0% of all WordPress installations and takes place 36 in the Top WordPress Pages Plugins list.