Top WordPress Themes 2019 

    Top 1 Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes 2019

  Did you know that WordPress Theme The7 is the most used Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme of them all. By knowing this you can save alot of time finding the best Mobile Friendly theme.

Top 1 Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes

  1. 1) The7

The % of Websites Using Top 1 Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes

By analyzing 235,812 WordPress installations we have come up with a list of 1 Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes that you can use to find your Mobile Friendly Theme in no time.

 1   WordPress Theme: The7

WordPress Theme The7

WordPress Theme The7 Description:

The7 is perfectly scalable, performance and SEO optimized, responsive, retina ready multipurpose WordPress theme. It will fit every site – big or small. From huge corporate portals to studio or personal sites – The7 will become a great foundation for your next project!

List of 784 Websites Using The7 data has a list of 784 WordPress CMS installations Using the WordPress Theme The7.

WordPress Theme The7 Statistics:

According to data, the WordPress Theme The7 is used on 0.33% of all WordPress Blogs and this number is based on 235,812 WordPress CMS installations.